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Pecan Rockers Again?

In 1992, as I was designing the Weeks Rocker, I was considering what wood to build it out of.  Pecan appealed to me because I have spent many days under the trees, it is the state tree of Texas, and … Continue reading

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A Batch of Mesquite Rocker Back Legs

Mesquite trees do not grow straight or tall. They tend to make multiple trunks and to make branches low to the ground.  They twist. Most mesquite trunks of 12″ in diameter or more have many radial cracks, i.e. cracks from … Continue reading

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Taking Photos of Rocker Making

We build rocking chairs in small batches, or runs, of 8-12, usually of the same species.  We are “running” walnut rockers now and taking photographs of the process.  Some of these photos will appear on this shoplog, some on the … Continue reading

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Cutting Round Tenons on Chair Legs

The tenons on the front legs of our wood seat dining chairs come through the seat and are wedged — making the attractive and obviously strong “through-wedged mortise-and-tenon joint.” The front legs of our chairs intersect the seat at an … Continue reading

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Mortising Seats for Splats

We cut the mortises in our chair seats with a plunge router.  We use a guide bushing fastened to the router and a fixture clamped to each seat in turn.  The splats have no shoulder; we have to precisely fit … Continue reading

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