Starting a Custom Mahogany Table

We build custom tables to accompany orders of our chairs.  The wood arrived today for the largest table we have ever built.  This custom request was for a very sturdy table, with a top at least 2” thick, 4 feet wide, and 16 feet long.  I could only reply that I would see if I could find the wood from someone we knew.  Irion Lumber, provider of our walnut, had two mahogany planks:  each 2 ½” thick, 27” wide, and long enough.

Austin, Will, and Aaron unloading large mahogany plank

Austin, Will, and Aaron are unloading one of these planks: the largest we have ever seen—inspiring awe and reverence.  Mahogany is stable enough for such a large tabletop.  When Myron at Irion Lumber says a board is flat and straight, it is.

This is a drawing of the table we will build.

Drawing of the table base we will build

We are completing a run of Otwell side tables.  Ave came to work to help her dad wash glue from one of the table base assemblies.

Ave helping her dad clean an Otwell side table

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One Response to Starting a Custom Mahogany Table

  1. Jim Fish says:

    This series of posts about building a custom trestle table has been most informative and rewarding. Thanks for your efforts to educate us woodworkers.


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