Chairs for the Bride and Groom

I had hoped to post to this shop log without such a lapse as eight weeks.  In fact, I had hoped to post once a week.  Sustained efforts are difficult — Dad’s Aunt May, who ranched for decades after the death of Uncle Wilber, advised, “Better start out like you can hold out.”  I am going to post the excuse I have drawn on a number of times over this period:  Aubrey Weeks and Daniel Webb were married in historic Fischer Hall on May 27.  Her mother and I were the planners as we have given a number of big parties at the Hall with some success.  The wedding was no less a success, but it was a consuming effort.

The only way this post and excuse might fit this log is shown in the photo below.  The bride and groom wanted to have dinner in dining chairs from the showroom.

Chairs for the Bride and Groom

Fischer Hall decorated for the wedding

As a proud father, I exercise presumption and post a slide show of photos taken while family and friends prepared for the wedding: rejuvenating the Hall, building the set, decorating the tables, and more.

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One Response to Chairs for the Bride and Groom

  1. Jeremy Fox says:

    The hall looks beautiful – nice job!
    I love those curved roof trusses – are they original?


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