Designing a Ladderback Dining Chair

While we were working on our upholstered chair design, (a long and involved process, see previous post), Austin noticed the obvious: We could relatively quickly design a ladderback dining chair as a variation of the chairs we have already developed. That is: Knowing the curving plane that is comfortable to and supportive of one’s back, we could find an arrangement of horizontal pieces (the ladder), use our existing seat, and have a comfortable chair with a new look. Looking at various arrangements, we were pleased at the support and comfort that these pieces could provide. But we could not quickly decide what would look the best. So we are posting the photos below (here and to Facebook) and asking for comments. We have never asked for comments before and don’t know if it is proper, but it may be a way to obtain the results one would get from a focus group.

The photos are cell phone snapshots of rough mockups, so imagination is required.

Which of the chairbacks below is most appealing to you?

Do you have any comments, general or specific?

Ladderback chair designs#1                                                   #2                                                     #3

Ladderback chair designs 2#4                                                      #5

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6 Responses to Designing a Ladderback Dining Chair

  1. adamallstar says:

    #3 and #5 are my top pics. They’ve got a good balance of curves as well as the thickness of the back slats.


  2. Bonner says:

    I have to agree: numbers 3 and 5 are the best-balanced. The others look top-heavy to me. On aeshetics alone, I would go with number 3 because I like the look of the odd number of slats.


  3. Don Prible says:

    Before I read any ones comments my eye was drawn to #3 as the most visually appealing.

    Don P.


  4. Jerry klein says:

    Agree with number 3. Looks classic


  5. Alicia says:

    I prefer #3 and #5 as well. But both both of them seem to have too large of a gap between the seat and the first ladder rung making them seem a bit top heavy to my eye. #3 works a bit better with this larger gap.


  6. Billie Warmouth says:

    I actually prefer #5. The previous comment referenced a too large gap between the seat and firts rung. If the chair was in the height of the Williams chair it wouldn’t be an issue. Like this chair.


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