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Gary Weeks and Company
112 West Spoke Hill
Wimberley, Texas 78676

800-986-3187           512-847-3187

Gary Weeks and Austin Weeks

Gary and Austin Weeks

Leslie Weeks

Leslie Weeks


7 Responses to Contact Info

  1. Itzhak Shiber says:

    Dear Sir
    My father is a retired carpenter.
    As a child, I loved to watch him does dovetails by only hand tools.
    Unfortunately at my country there are no carpenters who build furniture using this method anymore.
    I love beautiful quality products which are designed and built to serve a long time.
    I am currently looking for a new dining table for my family.
    I explore the web to find a table that will suit our needs.
    At one point I was introduced to your web site and at the last days I spent several hours reading and watching the website and blog. I was fascinated.
    I enjoyed seeing the professionalism and love that you are investing on building beautiful furniture.
    I like the attention to details in the construction process. It brought me back to my childhood.
    Unfortunately your furniture prices far my budget at this time.
    I hope that at future I can be part of your clients and enjoy your beautiful furniture.
    Until then, God bless you and your family.
    Best regards
    Itzhak Shiber, Israel


  2. Edward W. Purcell says:

    I have researched your indoor Weeks rocking chair and would like to lead more about it. I could not find if you have these marketed through a desler network, nor could I find any pricing. I therefore believe you must build to order. If you have any additional info cataloging etc. I would appreciate receiving same. I have a bad low back and am 6 ft. 2 inches tall, I weigh 225 lbs. any additional info will be appreciated.


    • Gary Weeks says:

      Thanks for your interest. This wordpress blog site is devoted to technique, so the topics you could not find are not here. They are on the website: This is the link to the rocking chair section of the site: When in that section, please note the topics covered in the blue side bar to the upper left of the page.
      For the next shipping dates, view this page:
      Prices are given on the above page and many other pages of the site.
      We have dozens of patrons of your size and circumstance. We sell and ship directly from the shop. Any further questions are welcome.
      Gary Weeks


  3. Edward W. Pur says:

    Thanks Mr. Weeks for your prompt reply. I will do as you suggest upon my return to our home in Chesapeake Va. Have a blessed day.

    Edward W. Purcell


  4. Ken collins says:

    Ken collins


  5. Ken collins says:

    Carol & I bought a Weeks rocker so many years ago I’ve forgotten. But Austin was a kid and Gary’s hair was brown. And his handshake nearly broke bones. We love that rocker and bought a 2nd for our son, daughter-in-law and new grandson. Their pics are on the photo gallery with the towel draped over the back. My mother taught me to never sit on the artwork. She did not know of the Weeks rocker. It’s great to see the web site and the pics of Leslie, Gary and Austin. Our 8 years in Wimberley were wonderful. Gary, if you ever go fishing on the Sixes in Oregon, we aren’t too far north of the Columbia. We have a rocker you might want to sit in.


  6. Rosalie Huebener says:

    My walnut rocking chair has been delivered and I am sitting in it as I type this. I love how the back slats conform to my old back and I enjoy rocking away. The workmanship is outstanding. Haven’t found one rough spot on it. My husband, a very critical furniture person, cannot find anything negative to say about it. He loves the walnut as do I. I do believe this is now a family heirloom. My husband thinks he might want one but he has a little difficulty standing up from it. He has had knee surgery recently, so I think that might be the problem. My only question now, do I need to keep it oiled down or polished? Even the delivery man was oohing and aahing over it as he helped me take it out of the packing. Rosalie Huebener


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