Wendell Castle

I read today that Wendell Castle died.   Just a few days ago, I was thinking of what I had learned from him and posting a note and the photo below to a draft for the website.

Wendell spoke at the 2016 Furniture Society Conference.  His talk was clear and meaningful.  I took notes.  I was rereading these notes these few days ago, because hearing him talk, I had thought:  These things I believe, these words are sterling, and I can use them.  On one line, I wrote “clear and meaningful.”  I used it above.  It can apply to paragraphs and to furniture.

The following paragraph is mine…as much as anything is…but it is inspired, informed, and invigorated because I heard Wendell Castle speak.  Words from my notes appear in italic.

The art of furniture making, and making a living from it, is limited by form, materials, facility, and patrons.  For success, autonomy, and reward, the furniture must be in touchsensible, practical, and reasonable.   I do not design for myself, but for the experience of patrons.  Finding the art and the patron requires daring and risk.  I’ll take no path, but leave a trail.  Of this path I blaze and knowledge I gather along it, I am only caretaker for a while.

“Share everything you know.”   Wendell Castle.

Gary Weeks and Wendell Castle

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