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The posts below feature tools or machines that we have built or modified to increase precision and safety and reduce time and stress.

Cutting Round Tenons on Chair Legs

The tenons on the front legs of our wood seat dining chairs come through the seat and are wedged — making the attractive and obviously strong “through-wedged mortise-and-tenon joint.” The front legs of our chairs intersect the seat at an … Continue reading

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Compressed Air Utility

The air compressor was down for maintenance for a day this week.  Aaron dug out the electric, 5-inch random orbit sander to sculpt and sand a rocker.  When done, he said, “I had forgotten how much easier our air sanders … Continue reading

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Modifying the Crosscut Saw

We have a Powermatic Model 66 tablesaw for ripping, and a Delta Unisaw for crosscutting.  Both take 10” blades.  There are times when we wish the crosscut could be ½” deeper.  In the photos, I am modifying the Unisaw to … Continue reading

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Sharpening the Turning Tools

By hand and eye at the lathe, we turn our rocking chair front legs, footstool legs, Berry barstool legs, Paschall table legs, Johnson Pedestal table base, and spindles for all dining chairs and barstools.  We use no duplicating machinery.  I … Continue reading

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Sculpting Rocking Chair Backlegs and Arms at the Edge Sander

We built our edge sander.  The sanding belt is driven by a wooden pulley (5” diameter x 8” high) on the right end of the machine in the picture below.  At the end of the machine opposite the drive pulley, … Continue reading

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Producing tenons on dining chair front legs

The front legs on our dining chairs pass through the seats and are wedged.  To produce round tenons on these legs, we first cut square ones on the table saw to remove most of the wood. We have modified a … Continue reading

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Joining, Leveling, and Completing the Top

Our lumber is delivered rough (not straight, flat, or smooth).  Before we can joint or rip, we need a straight edge.   We have built a machine for producing a straight edge on a board.  In the photos below, you can … Continue reading

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