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Pecan Special Editions

Twenty-four years ago, I designed the rocking chair that anchors this business.  We saw ourselves as a Texas company and made the chairs from wood of the state tree of Texas, pecan — selected for heartwood.  As the internet made … Continue reading

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The Furniture Society Conference

Leslie and I attended the Furniture Society Conference in Philadelphia, June 23-25, 2016. We joined the Furniture Society 10 or 12, or more, years ago when it was new.  We remained members for several years, although not active ones.   It … Continue reading

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Mahogany Recovered

When the sailing ships first delivered mahogany logs to Europe, it inspired and delighted the cabinetmakers and became the premier wood of choice.  By the 1980’s, the trees were endangered and their extinction seemed possible, even likely.  By regulation, conservation, … Continue reading

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A Natural History of Trees

My library is small.  I have culled it deeply (too deeply) several times and loaned or given many books that were worthy.  One of the books that has stayed with me for decades is A Natural History of Western Trees, … Continue reading

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Refinishing a Porch Rocker

We have a mahogany rocking chair on the porch of the showroom.  Last summer, it had been outside for ten years. For maintenance of this rocker, we had done nothing more than wiping it from time to time with a … Continue reading

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The Blanco River Flood of May 24, 2015

Recently, a woman came who was taking photos and collecting comments for a book on this town of Wimberley. She took some pictures and asked if we would write a few words or a paragraph on what we like about … Continue reading

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National Pi Day

This morning, I heard a piece on the radio about National Pi Day featuring a mathematicians speaking of pi and its utility. He said there could be no technological sophistication without calculations involving pi: no automobiles, no space flight. I … Continue reading

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